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August 2021

The Building Process

Zen Treehouse Youtube Channel! Amazing Progress on the Million $+ Treehouse!

August 24, 2021
Zen Treehouse looking North East

Some time ago, we launched our ZenTreehouse YouTube channel and we’ve been focused on producing video content as it’s more compelling and can tell a better story, in a way, than with static pics and the blog. So, sorry I’ve ignored the blog for a while, but I’m back and want to catch everyone up on our status as of today, Monday August 23, 2021.

The shot below is a screen shot from the Nest Cam today. I’m not going to be back up until this coming weekend, which will be about two weeks of progress since my last visit. I’ll definitely be taking a video and will be posting it on Youtube, so please subscribe if you’re interested in really seeing the action and progress!

Zen Treehouse North West Side

Below I’ll add the last couple of videos from the channel so you can see the progress from the inside and meet the builder, Cary and other of the contractors. The videos lag a week or two as I have to get them edited and then posted, which takes me some time.

The progress has been, as always, slower than we would like. Rough electrical is done. Rough plumbing is done. We passed both of those inspections. But, we have waited over two weeks to get the framing inspection, which has held up all interior work. We’re ready to insulate and then drywall, but can’t before that happens. So, once again, another timeline setback. At this point, I am hoping to get this done by the end of October. Cary is still working on the rest of the exterior siding, the rest of the windows, and finishing up the deck boards. Then he’ll hop underneath and start finishing the insulation and soffit paneling. So, plenty for him to do, but we can’t progress until that inspection!

Enjoy the videos!

Peter and Delinda