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Footers and Framing for the Retaining Wall for the Driveway Installed

October 25, 2018
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Driveway Retaining Wall Progress

Great progress on a big part of the project – a massive concrete retaining wall that will hold back the driveway so that it is wide enough for what we need in terms of parking and the crane that will arrive in the spring to begin moving the structural steel. You can see how the mountain drops off. Imagine the walkway from the drive to the main cabin being level with the drive and extending about 15′ out to the front door of the main treehouse cabin. Yes, that makes the entry door VERY high off the ground and up in the trees. Now, imagine walking through the cabin to the back deck the cantilevers off the back of the house and how high in the sky and trees that will be. It will be something to behold! We can’t wait to show you the progress as we build this amazing bit of an architectural gem in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. PS – did you notice the views??

More updates coming soon! The retaining wall should be poured and the septic tank should both be in soon.

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