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February 2018

The Building Process

Updated and More Detailed Floor Plans and Elevations

February 13, 2018

Big day today for the ZenTreehouse! Delinda and I met with the septic/well engineer (who is a geologist) and got the location for both squared away. Then we met with our architect and the structural engineer who will be figuring out how to get our treehouse 30′ in the air above the canopy of the trees. We reviewed the architect’s revised plans based on our feedback on the first cut of plans. We are getting closer, but still a lot of details to work out.

We repositioned the house a bit, enlarged the parking/turn around area, and added some area and a fireplace in the master bedroom. The new plans have a lot more detail and elevations.

We are planning to meet with our builder next week and get going on the well as a first step to starting construction on schedule in the spring.

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